Lord Business

Up until now this website has been all about star wars origami and it may stay this way but for this post I’m going to show you something different. My origami Lord Business ! I discovered how to make this when I was fiddling with some paper and made this at first I was trying to think of what it could be. I thought it looked sort of like someone with a hat that has two cups on the side and straws leading don to the mouth. But when I asked my dad what he thought it could be and he said “Lord Business” and I thought “of course!”. So I got to work and when I was finished colouring I designed the legs, coloured them, and placed them inside LB. I’m very proud of him because he has no cuts, rips, or separate pieces of paper (Except the legs.) It took three fourths of paper. One for LB himself, one for his right leg, and one for his left leg. I hope you like him. Bye!




One thought on “Lord Business

  1. Very creative, Kaleb!

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