Hi Brittany.  I see you wanted a C3PO.  I actually had done a C3PO before, but here is a better picture of him. I had special gold origami paper, so I used that to make him.


And my mom said that people like to see me in some of the pictures, so here is a photo of me with two of my favourite droids.  Thanks for commenting!




Han Solo: Is this a Stormtrooper or Luke in disguise?!?!



I just did this for fun.

Origami Ideas?

Hi its me again!I’ve become stumped on ideas for origami.So if you want to see a particular guy from STAR WARS this is a good time.Just put the guy’s name in the comments.P.S.I might even post instructions for that guy.Goodbye =]

Background Photo


I know you can’t see the background so I decided to post the photo here so you could see it. Its got the cover Yoda,Yoda from the instructions in the first book,Darth Vader/Yoda,R2d2/Yoda, and a Yoda I came across when trying to fold the Yoda from the instructions from the first book. And yes, I know I’m using a lot of from’s.

Han Foldo!!!


Hi its me again,and just like I said here’s Han Foldo!!!Soon I’ll do one with Han and the FW [aka Fortune wookie.]Do you like my background?[Its actually a notice from school.]Goodbye everyone =D