Tom Angleberger Event

I just got back from the Tom Angleberger book signing event and it was Awesome STUPENDOUS! For those who don’t know what I’m talking about please click here for more information. It was so fun and not just tom was there. There was also an origami master named Joseph Wu. He had an amazing origami hat. Tom talked a little about why he wrote the books and he drew a big poster about all theories of origami Yoda and gave it away. Then it was time for the actual book signing. I asked to have Darth paper and origami Yoda duelling drawn in my Strange case of origami and Emperor Pickletine in my Emperor Pickletine rides the bus. Because I was the last kid in line I got a poster Tom had drawn earlier. I had a ton of fun and I hope you enjoy hearing from me, Bye! IMG_8870 IMG_8883IMG_8855 IMG_8880 IMG_8865IMG_8849


Lord Business

Up until now this website has been all about star wars origami and it may stay this way but for this post I’m going to show you something different. My origami Lord Business ! I discovered how to make this when I was fiddling with some paper and made this at first I was trying to think of what it could be. I thought it looked sort of like someone with a hat that has two cups on the side and straws leading don to the mouth. But when I asked my dad what he thought it could be and he said “Lord Business” and I thought “of course!”. So I got to work and when I was finished colouring I designed the legs, coloured them, and placed them inside LB. I’m very proud of him because he has no cuts, rips, or separate pieces of paper (Except the legs.) It took three fourths of paper. One for LB himself, one for his right leg, and one for his left leg. I hope you like him. Bye!




Oh my goodness, Tom Angleberger is coming to Vancouver, B.C. !!!!!! Okay let me start over I just found out that my favourite author Tom Angleberger, the author that inspired me to do all this origami stuff is coming to the city next to where I Iive ! My mom just bought tickets to go and I just can’t wait ! Please comment about this if you are going there or somewhere else and if not please feel free to comment anyway.

Emperor Pickletine

Hi there, obikalebkenobi here today I’m going to share with you my emperor pickletine from tom angleberger’s new book emperor pickletine rides the bus. Yes his head is a pickle. His lightning bolt are rolled up tinfoil, his eyes and mouth are pieces of paper and his robe is black construction paper. I hope you like him. 🙂



I’m back!!

Hi its me again! I’m very sorry I haven’t been posting for a while. What? Has it been a year? The reason I stopped posting was because I got so caught up in the excitement of summer I didn’t post all season, and when school came I never pulled myself to post anything. Some of you may be asking why I have time to post now? Well where I live there been a teachers strike going on and I’ve been off school for some time now, a little over two weeks before summer, and today was technically the first day of school but it was cancelled. Half of me would love to go to school and then the other half would like summer vacation to last all year. If anyone has thoughts or opinions about the strike please feel free to comment. I would l really like to hear what you think!


Hi Brittany.  I see you wanted a C3PO.  I actually had done a C3PO before, but here is a better picture of him. I had special gold origami paper, so I used that to make him.


And my mom said that people like to see me in some of the pictures, so here is a photo of me with two of my favourite droids.  Thanks for commenting!